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About The Cedar School

The Cedar School is about helping students with language-based learning differences build their strengths, understand their challenges and become independent learners and effective self-advocates. We focus daily on creativity, individuality, and differentiation. Students should look forward to school—it should be inspiring, interesting and deeply engaging. Every day.

The Arts and Experiential Learning

At The Cedar School, the curriculum includes art, music, extra-curricular activities and a wide range of experiential learning activities, including a two-week internship program annually for every student.  With a goal of fostering creativity and imagination in our students, the arts are emphasized within each class and in daily arts electives. Monthly field trips and regular guest speakers will connect students to the world around them.

Personal attention and differentiated instruction

The school will build a strong sense of community to ensure close and caring relationships among all students and staff. Each student will be assigned an advisor from the staff to communicate with families and to ensure academic and personal progress. Staff will communicate with families at the close of each term, at the midpoint of each term, and more frequently as needed. With class sizes of 10, teachers will know each student well, and will differentiate according to each student’s needs.


The Cedar School will employ both formal and informal learning assessments to monitor student progress and performance.  Assessment data will be used to individualize instruction based on each student’s particular learning needs.  Teachers will gain regular feedback on individual student performance without losing critical learning time to extensive standardized assessment

I’m very excited to hear there will be an option for high school for my child, who learns differently, and needs to be taught in a way that works for him. Learning differently does not mean he's not smart. Knowing Clay, I have confidence that this program will serve my child, and students with language based learning differences well. --Parent
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging
Academic experiences will enable students to learn about a wide variety of cultures and beliefs, and the multicultural curriculum will include group projects, regular student interaction and participation in activities that help students become more aware of the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging both in school and in the world around them. 
Character development and community service

In addition to academic development, we believe students should become active members of the community around them, through internships, community service and an education that helps students become good, caring citizens of their community.



Faculty and Staff

  Name Title Contact
Ashley **Trainer **Trainer, Ashley
Sabrina Balducci Balducci, Sabrina
Clay Kaufman Kaufman, Clay Head of School
Jackie Mayes Mayes, Jackie
Warren Nesteruk Nesteruk, Warren
Sarah Neufeld Neufeld, Sarah Director of Admissions and Marketing 203-808-5005
Scott Pottbecker Pottbecker, Scott Chief Operating Officer
Rochelle Rubin Rubin, Rochelle
Triece Thomas Thomas, Triece Office Manager/Director of Internships

Small Classes


With small classes of 10 students, Cedar will provide high levels of personal attention and differentiation for each student.



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