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Welcome to The Cedar School! It is exciting to be able to offer an intellectually rich program for high school students with language-based learning differences.

Our students have great strengths, and helping them build on those strengths is critically important. Through daily electives in the arts, multisensory teaching in every class, hands-on activities and experiential learning, we help our students understand their strengths and explore possible careers through our annual internship program.

At the same time, students with language-based learning differences need to work on their reading and writing skills, as well as their executive function skills and organization. The skills that high school students with learning differences need for life after Cedar will always be a focus.

I invite you to come visit, and see what the right school setting can do to help your child feel confident, inspired and eager to learn. With a strong emphasis on independence and self-advocacy, we prepare students for the rest of their life!

Clay Kaufman

Head of School