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Academics Overview



High academic standards

The Cedar School offers intellectually rigorous academics for high school students with language-based learning differences. Cedar students take core courses in English, history, mathematics (Algebra through Calculus) and science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), as well as electives in courses such as Coding, Health and American Sign Language. 

Cedar students focus on the skills they will need for college and life, including writing and reading comprehension. Classes will also teach executive functioning skills, including planning and organization. As students enter 11th and 12th grade, they will be able to choose additional electives.

Multisensory instruction

Multisensory structured language programs are important for students with language-based learning differences.  Using approaches based on Orton-Gillingham instruction, The Cedar School will incorporate visual, kinesthetic, hands-on teaching and learning, including an emphasis on art, music and experiential learning. Structured approaches will address executive functioning needs and organization. Technology, including Google Docs and Google Read&Write (for speech-to-text and text-to-speech) will be integrated into all classes.

Trained, Experienced Teachers

The Cedar School is committed to hiring outstanding educators who are experienced with language-based learning needs.  Motivated and caring professionals will implement “best practice” teaching methods including instructional accommodations and curriculum adaptations.  Extensive teacher training in subject content and instructional methods allows students to fully access rich and challenging academic material. 


I’m very excited to know there is an option for high school for my child, who learns differently, and needs to be taught in a way that works for him. Learning differently does not mean he's not smart. Knowing Clay, I have confidence that this program will serve my child, and students with language based learning differences well.--parent