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Organization and Executive Functioning

When students have trouble organizing or planning their time, their levels of stress and anxiety can become debilitating. At The Cedar School, we will work carefully with each student to build skills of organization and planning.
Organization begins at home, with a productive work space as free as possible from distraction. Some students work well in their room, but others are more productive in a busier part of the house. Students should organize their space to ensure they have all the materials they need, and that distractions—such as their phone—are safely stowed away.
It is also important for students to organize their time, and many students finding it helpful to post an organized list of morning tasks in prominent places around the house (including on the bathroom mirror!)
Advisors will check in with students when they arrive to school, to ensure they are organized for the day, and teachers will regularly check their binder to be sure materials are carefully sorted and stored.
Executive Functioning/Planning
At the ninth grade level, teachers will play a larger role in helping students plan their time, especially on long-term assignments. Teachers will help students break down assignments into manageable steps, and check for completion along the way. As students reach eleventh and twelfth grade, they will take on more responsibility for planning and breaking down assignments, with guidance from their teachers, as they gain independence and prepare for college.