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Social-Emotional Wellness

School should be fun. The entire faculty and staff of The Cedar School is dedicated to making learning creative, inspiring, interesting and productive. Part of that feeling of creativity and confidence comes from being in a school of like-minded learners—not feeling “different” or “inferior.” Being in the right school setting can certainly alleviate anxiety.

At The Cedar School, we will also take proactive steps to encourage social-emotional wellness:

  • Mindfulness activities: we will talk with students about how to de-stress, and how to know when they need a break

  • Self-knowledge and self-advocacy: we will teach students to understand how their brain works, and how to speak up for what they need. Self-knowledge can be extremely freeing.

  • Structure and organization: we will teach students how to structure their time, both at school and at home, so that they always have a “plan” and therefore feel less pressure

  • Downtime: by limiting homework to 2 hours per night (30 minutes per class for 4 classes per night), we will ensure that students have time to relax, engage in a favorite activity, have family time and—especially—have time to sleep!