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Responsible and effective use of technology may be one of the most important skills for students to acquire. At The Cedar School, students will incorporate technology in the following ways:
  • BYOD: Bring your own device. Students may bring whatever laptop or device they are most comfortable with, given that they will be heading off to college! The school will also have a small supply of Chromebooks for use during the school day

  • Google Docs: Students will receive most documents through Google Docs, where they can read, write, edit, and receive teacher feedback without worrying about losing anything. The extension Google Read&Write is very popular with high school students for speech-to-text (dictating written assignments) and text-to-speech (having the computer read the assignment aloud

  • Email: all students will be given email addresses that will only work within the school. Students will be trained in how to use email responsibly, how to check email, and how to organize their messages as well as their documents

  • Responsibility: time will be built into the program for students to discuss the challenges of social media, and how to use it safely and responsibly.

  • Learning Ally: students will have free access to Learning Ally, which has thousands of books and sources available on audio, making reading easier!

  • Technology as a tool for learning: teachers will incorporate technology, as appropriate, in every class. However, students will spend considerable time in activities that do not require any technology