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Affording The Cedar School

We recognize that the cost of The Cedar School may feel unreachable for some families. We set tuition at a level that ensures an outstanding education for each student who needs our program, and we are committed to making the school affordable for families. There are several options:

1. Financial Aid

    The Cedar School is committed to a generous financial aid program. To apply for financial aid through FAST, please click the FAST icon.

2. Monthly payment plan

     You may sign up for monthly payments through FACTS to break the tuition into 10 payments.

3. Tax-deductibility of Tuition

     Because The Cedar School’s mission is so specific in serving a specialized student population, the tuition may well be tax-deductible as a medical expense, and transportation and other costs may be included as well. For more information, see the LDA of America website. You should also be sure to consult your tax advisor.


    Withdrawals from your HSA or FSA can be used for tuition.

5. 529 Plan

    You may apply up to $10,000 per year from a qualified 529 plan towards private school tuition.