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The Cedar School is a co-ed, private high school for bright, college-bound students with mild-to-moderate language-based learning differences. Students should be no more than 2-3 grade levels behind in their core reading and writing, and should be emotionally and behaviorally appropriate for a regular school setting. Their language-based learning differences should be their primary diagnosis. Students may have a secondary diagnosis of ADHD or anxiety.

If you have any questions about whether The Cedar School might be appropriate for your child, please contact us at

Our preferred application is through the online FACTS system. In addition, we support The Standard Application Online (SAO). Cedar's SAO school code is 2793.

Once you have applied and submitted the application fee and all academic records, teacher recommendations and copies of recent (within 3 years) psycho-educational testing, we will carefully read through all materials to ensure that your child fits our mission and will thrive in the Cedar environment. If so, we'll complete the application process and have your child come for a school visit. We are always available to answer questions along the way, so please do not hesitate to reach out!

"At The Cedar School, I feel that [our daughter] can come out strong from the start and not lose time... we are grateful for the assistance to make it happen and the warm acceptance you’ve given [her]. Her smile is huge. She’s so happy and also relieved. She was scared. Now she’s excited. As a parent, that is the biggest gift possible."  - Parent Testimony