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Why Cedar?


There are many ways to get a high school education. Some students with language-based learning differences can succeed in public school or mainstream private school. So why Cedar? Consider the difference between just getting by and truly thriving.  

At The Cedar School, homework is limited to two hours per night. Period. Consider the normal workload at other schools, and how long your child might need to complete the homework.

At Cedar, students are taught by teachers who understand exactly the way they learn.

They spend every minute of every day learning in a multisensory way, from highly trained teachers.

No more tutors outside of school! Students can have the outside activities they love and get the sleep they need.

At The Cedar School, we support students in their areas of challenge, but we also prioritize time every day to grow their areas of strength, including an arts class every single day, and sometimes two a day.

All the tools and strategies students need are embedded within the school day. School just feels like school—no pullouts, no feeling different.

Students spend time learning the academic skills they need, not just memorizing content. Wouldn’t almost any child thrive at The Cedar School? We are here to support our students, and also to serve as a better model of a rich, dynamic high school education.

"First week of high school and my son has not been this happy going to school in a long time! It is so refreshing to have this level of communication with the faculty and to be in a school that feels like a true community." 

- A Cedar Parent