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The Arts


Students with language-based learning differences tend to be strong in the arts, and The Cedar School will help them take advantage of those strengths.

Visual, digital and performing arts will be at the core of the program at The Cedar School, as students have the opportunity to build on their strengths. Every student will have an arts elective every day in addition to a studio class that will be project-oriented. Thus, students may have an art experience up to twice a day.

These classes will allow students to hone their creativity and artistic skills. In addition, all academic classes which will be multisensory in nature and incorporate art, music, photography and other media. With teachers who are working artists in their field, students will learn technical skills as well as presentation skills. They will be encouraged to create a portfolio of work, particularly if they are interested in pursuing the arts in college.

Students will be able to choose their arts elective. The arts program will grow to include classes in:
  • Art
  • Photography
  • Film/video
  • Ceramics
  • Music
  • Drama