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Students with language-based learning differences tend to thrive when given hands-on and experiential learning opportunities.

To foster those strengths, each student at The Cedar School will undertake a two-week, 60-hour internship each year of high school. Students will meet weekly with an advisor to brainstorm areas of interest, research possible job opportunities with the help of a database compiled by the school, and take the lead in finding a volunteer job for the two-week period.

The internships will serve a two-fold purpose:

  • Students will be able to explore the practical aspects of a potential career: they might work with an architect, artist, attorney, teacher, veterinarian, engineer, chef, journalist; or they might work at a nature center, museum, library, nursing home or other community service sites.
  • Students will also have the opportunity to practice the skills they are honing in school: self-advocacy, planning (executive functioning), organization and research/writing skills.

With careful guidance from staff during weekly meetings, students will research career interests, prepare a resume, reach out to prospective employers and confirm an internship. Internships can take place anywhere, whether near school or near home. The students will keep a journal during their experience, and prepare a short presentation afterward, presented to their peers and teachers.

Internships will take place each March, just before Spring Break, allowing students to extend their internship if they wish!

Read our internship informational flyer here.

If you would like to sponsor an intern from The Cedar School or have suggestions, please contact us at